Why Technology is Best & Dangerous Also?

Technology has both side of power doing Good or But It totally depends on humans. By the way of using technology, It becomes Helpful on the other hand It can be Harmful. So It’s totally up to you how you want use It?

If you look back into the last few decades, We can easily find out how many changes It become. The biggest change of the Communication & Health Sector is doing By Technology.
By the blessing of Technology Nowadays we are more comfortable with Medical purposes. Lots of research for medical history are creating by technology. Day by day It becomes more effective. It gives the easiest way to develop our daily health. Technology removes our fear of major diseases to very rare diseases.

Our daily life can’t imagine without technology. From wake up to go to bed, we are using most like all of the time with the technology. From Education to Entertainment technology made a huge change than earlier. Humans are always trying to get the best output from technology by researching what they want to need? It made almost everything possible to the welfare of Humans.

Learn More About Advantage: https://thesocialvigilante.wordpress.com/2020/05/13/technology-now-a-necessity-not-a-luxury/

Learn More About Disadvantage: https://daneelyunus.com/2020/05/28/what-are-disadvantages-of-tchnology/

Published by Ariful Islam Asib

A very simple person always love exploring something new like a place, people, work of method

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